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Support of a Life Coach

 Every family and individual in America will at some point or another deal with a crisis.  The crisis will be unexpected, scary, and intimidating.  A crisis is a problem; how we overcome the problem can lessen the impact of that crisis.  That is the reason we at SontarahLife offer Family Life Coaching, to be that outlet for healthy coping and the support needed through and after a crisis.  At SontarahLife we care because you become not only a member but a family member; together we can help you get through many unexpected events that impact a family/person by simply changing your perspective and most of all, your attitude.  Bring your family to our family and let's create a place of safety, security and confidence until you and your family get to a place of independence. Call # 602-997-2371 to schedule an appointment!

Topics of discussion

  • Parenting Challenges
  • PTSD Post Traumatic Stress Disorder
  • Death and Grief
  • Marital and Relationship Issues
  • Proper Communication
  • Domestic Violence Issues
  • Coping Mechanism
  • Sibling Rivalries
  • Dealing and Managing Anger
  • Families affected by drugs and alcohol 
  • Career and Job
  • Spiritual
  • Caregiver Support

  **Please remember that to see a Life Coach you do not need to be experiencing a crisis, sometimes it can just be a session to gain clarity on a situation or to support you in finding your way when faced with a decision. Let us create a safe place to support you in finding your success!**   

What is a Family Life Coach?

 A Family Life Coach is NOT a therapist, or psychiatrist, therefore, coaches do not diagnose or tell a member how they need to handle a problem. A coach is a support directly to a member, helping a member get in touch with their inner spirit and help them to process their situation a lot clearer in order to find and create solutions to their current situations. A coach asks powerful questions allowing members to be empowered with choices and decisions for themselves. A coach will help members to get in touch with a peaceful place in order to think clearly about their situation without the clutter of the negative thoughts hindering a clear understanding of their crisis.

Our coaches will be prepared to understand signs of abuse, fear or mental challenges that may result in the need for further professional help. If a coach recommends a professional we will have the resources needed for the family that best fits their situation.

SontarahLife WILL report all signs of child abuse, or neglect to Division of Children's Safety and Family Services, Adult Protective Services or peace officer IMMEDIATELY! If a Coach determines a member of the family is causing concern for the safety of other family members because of physical or mental abuse or showing signs of depression, anger, suicide etc. SontarahLife coaches will recommend the WHOLE family to a therapist.



Intake/Assessments are $50.00, afterward each coaching session is $100.00. Open and active Arizona Department of Child Safety (DCS) cases are $60.00 per sessions. Sessions are one hour with the initial intake being 45 minutes.    

 At the end of every coaching session, the family will be asked if they would like to set another follow-up appointment with the Family Life Coach (FLC). All future appointments are at the family's discretion and may be recommended by the Family Life Coach.

Most coaching sessions are held at our facility located at: 8611 N Black Canyon Highway. #220. Our sessions can involve all family members, or any part of a family. Minors must have parent or guardian permission to receive coaching. Some sessions may be held over the phone but are left to the discretion of the FLC.

 (All sessions are confidential)       

 “The mind is everything, what you think you will become.” 

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Once the Initial Intake Form is completed, a Family Life Coach will call you to schedule your session.